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Thanks to your support this year, SB 797 (The Toxics-Free Toddlers and Babies Act), which would eliminate the use of bisphenol-A (BPA in children’s feeding containers, is headed to the Assembly floor for a vote in a few short days! Decision makers need to hear the trusted voice of physicians and health advocates again — we are facing very powerful opposition from the chemical industry, and our legislators need to put public health first.

Today, we need you to pick up the phone and say “Vote Yes on SB 797”! Here’s a quick guide to calling your Assembly member:

Thank you for supporting the work of PSR-LA. You’re helping to “prevent what we cannot cure” and ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all of California’s communities.

-All of us at PSR-LA

Toxic-Baby Bottle Swap at

St. John’s Well Child & Family Center,

Los Angeles – August 19

On August 19, physicians, advocates, and legislators held a toxic baby bottle swap at St. John’s Clinic in the Pico Union are of Los Angles. Green to Grow donated over 1,000 BPA-free baby bottles to local community clinics and health centers to promote the use of BPA-Free products for kids. See the LA Times piece about our event: “Time to Dump Your Bisphenol-A Baby Bottle?

World renowned pediatrician and longtime PSR-LA member Dr. Harvey Karp, spoke about the urgency of eliminating this chemical from children’s baby bottles, sippy cups, and formula cans. St. John’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Linda Tigner-Weekes addressed how difficult it can be for low-income communities of color to access safe products, and how these communities are often disproportionately exposed to toxics and suffer greater health disparities.

Nearly 200 PSR-LA members signed onto support SB 797, and letters have been emailed and hand-delievered to legislators in Sacramento.

See more pictures on our Facebook page and become a fan!

A Conversation With

Dr. James Yamazaki – August 20

With a warm welcome by the Japanese American National Museum’s President, Akemi Kikumura Yano, and PSR-LA Vice-President, Dr. Jimmy Hara, Dr. James Yamazaki returned to Los Angeles to share his experiences in a special evening conversation. Moderated by security expert Bennett Ramberg, Dr. Yamazaki spoke with PSR-LA supporters and community members about his personal experience with the tragic consequences of nuclear weapons, and spread a message of nonproliferation and peace.

SUPPORT “Children of the Atmomic Bomb” documentary! PSR-LA is co-producing a documentary on Dr. Yamazaki’s life with Schecter Films. The documentary aims to educate a broad audience about the grave implications of nuclear proliferation, the imminent danger of the use of nuclear weapons, and motivate these audiences to advocate for worldwide nuclear disarmament. See the brochure (pdf) and support the production of this important documentary!

Read more about Dr. Yamazaki’s visit and story, covered by Michael Collins at Enviroreporter.com: “Children of the Atomic Bomb”

“Whither Health Care:

The Debate Over Reform” – August 24

At the monthly meeting of the Global Security Seminar, PSR-LA was pleased to host speaker Gerald F. Kominski, PhD, Associate Director, UCLA Center for Health Policy Research Professor, and discussant Steve Tarzynksi, MD, Physicians for a National Health Plan. Both presenters discussed the current national healthcare reform debate in depth, explored the current legislative options with the audience, and promoted the importance of taking action for reform.

If you’d like to see See Dr. Kominski’s presentation please contact Ana MascareƱas at [email protected], 213-689-9170.

TAKE ACTION on healthcare reform: If you’re a healthcare provider and haven’t already signed, please consider adding your name to the PSR-LA co-sponsored petition Our Patients Need the Choice of a Public Health Insurance Plan

alt=”” src=”http://org2.democracyinaction.org/o/5393/images/change_capitol_bpa_rally.jpg” />BPA-Free Rally in Sacramento – August 26

Continuing the momentum to eliminate BPA from baby bottles, sippy cups, and formula cans and food jars for California’s children, supporters of SB 797 (The Toxics-Free Toddlers and Babies Act) rallied on the Capitol steps last week. The bill’s organization sponsors — PSR-LA, Environmental Working Group, and Breast Cancer Fund — joined with advocates from Black Women for Wellness, Moms Rising, and numerous other groups to let legislators know that supporting this bill will protect children’s health!

Read more about this rally on the CHANGE (Californians for a Healthy and Green Economy) website. PSR-LA is a co-convener and coalition member of CHANGE.

Also, see pictures of the event on our Facebook page and become a fan!

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