Become a PSR-LA Member!

PSR-LA is excited to launch our second summer membership drive! 

Through our Membership Drive, we are building our membership base with passionate health advocates and allies. We invite you to join us us if you are health professional or student who is: 

  • Passionate about addressing public health issues at the root
  • Seeking social justice alongside impacted communities and wants to hold our representatives accountable for upholding public health priorities through policy
  • Interested in learning and growing as an active participant in health policy advocacy through grassroots organizing 
  • Looking to be part of a like-minded community

Our members receive timely information about PSR-LA activities and research, educational resources and training, and opportunities for action and advocacy. As a  member, you will be the first to know about special events and trainings, and you will have the opportunity to become connected to other organizations, coalitions, and health professionals who are building transformative movements for racial and environmental justice and nuclear abolition. 

Become a member by making a donation of any size! Students can become PSR-LA members for free! (Check out our membership levels and benefits here)

This annual donation ensures that the health voice continues to bring powerful solutions to policymakers, and an effective message to the public about creating a safer, healthier world. We look forward to working with you to learn more about the issues, advocate, and amplify your voice as a member of PSR-LA.

Thank you for all you do to support the fight for public health and environmental justice!

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