An Historic Day – A Message from Dr. Nancy Gibbs, Board President

PSR-LA members have worked for disarmament for decades.
PSR-LA members have worked for disarmament for decades.

As PSR-LA board president, I’m proud to announce that our organization joins with peace and disarmament organizations throughout the world in celebrating the UN Security Council Resolution unanimously passed on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament.

The new measure, UNSC Resolution 1887, calls for states with nuclear weapons to continue disarming, to ratify a ban on testing and to agree to a treaty stopping the production of fissile material. In return, non weapons states should accept stronger safeguards to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. (Read more here.)

This historic moment is the result of years of hard work and advocacy by organizations large and small, by individuals locally and globally. We thank each and every PSR-LA member for your support and participation in our work. All of us can take a moment to acknowledge this important victory toward creating a safer, healthier world free of nuclear weapons.

Please consider donating to PSR-LA’s efforts to protect public health from nuclear dangers. With your support, we can continue today’s momentum toward nonproliferation and disarmament.

The UN resolution is non-binding, however, and there will be many serious challenges to its goals becoming reality including opposition from the Pentagon and the US Congress. We must continue to urge President Obama to ensure that the upcoming Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) reflects UNSC Resolution 1887 and includes a “no first use” policy, removes weapons from hair-trigger alert, and de-emphasizes the role of nuclear weapons in US policy.

PSR-LA’s physician Ambassador program is creating a strong cadre of health professional members who are better trained, inspired, and activated to be on the front-lines of PSR-LA’s advocacy work. We are working to ensure a peaceful solution to conflicts with Iran and North Korea and educating health professionals about the medical consequences of nuclear weapons and how to promote policies that reduce their threat. PSR-LA is also a member of the Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Free World, which has recently launched a multi-pronged effort to ensure that the next NPR is rooted in Obama’s expressed vision of a nuclear weapons free world. We will be calling upon you as the campaign progresses. One thing you can do now is encourage your medical association or organization, or any other non-political group (union, faith, social justice, environmental) with which you are affiliated, to sign a letter to Obama. The Sign-On Letter is here and can be forwarded to organizations, who can sign-up online.

Please donate today and help us continue and build upon this important work.

Thank you again for being a part of our organization and helping make this historic day possible.

Nancy Gibbs, M.D.
PSR-LA Board President

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