2013collageAmazing. PSR-LA’s recent victories are nothing short of amazing! Thanks to your support:

  • The Superior Court in Sacramento, just last week, issued a decision that will halt the improper disposal of radioactive waste from the Santa Susana Field Laboratory.
  • The Allenco oil company will stop oil extraction in a South LA neighborhood pending further environmental review after local residents became ill from the site’s emissions.
  • California’s new fracking regulations will not include a proposed doctor “gag rule” and trade secret protections for chemicals used in fracking.
  • Furniture manufacturers in California will no longer be required to use toxic flame retardants in their products.
    The EPA will install air pollution monitors near freeways in Los Angeles to quantify traffic-related air pollution in nearby communities.
  • PSR-LA also celebrated the closure of the San Onofre nuclear plant, the FDA’s closer examination of the toxic chemical triclosan, the recent state court decision requiring paint manufacturers to eliminate lead hazards in thousands of California homes, and much more. Read more about PSR-LA’s 2013 accomplishments below.

These victories are helping create healthier communities and we must continue to protect these hard fought gains. Your support made them possible.

Whether working on nuclear threats, climate change, air pollution, toxic chemicals, or health inequality, we are up against powerful industry forces. Their deep pockets, armies of lobbyists, and PR firms sow seeds of misinformation that impede our ability to prevent harm. Yet with your help, we have a fighting chance to level this uneven playing field. Please give today.

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Thank you for helping to make 2013 a banner year for PSR-LA, and for all that you do.

-All of us at PSR-LA

PSR-LA 2013 Highlight Accomplishments

wontgagdocsHydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and urban oil extraction – This year, PSR-LA was the first voice to demand that California strip a proposed doctor “gag rule” and trade secret protections for chemicals used in fracking from proposed fracking regulations and legislation. PSR-LA also helped expose the health threats of urban oil extraction in South LA. Now, we must work to make sure that protecting health becomes a higher public priority and place moratorium on fracking until it can be proven safe.

Toxies ExposedToxic Chemicals – PSR-LA celebrated a victory last month when Governor Brown announced that California will no longer require furniture manufacturers to use toxic flame retardants in their products. Our Toxies multi-media campaign broke new ground with the release of The Toxies: Exposed, a series of satirical educational webisodes that promoted improving the Chemical Safety Improvement Act. PSR-LA was also recently featured in the documentary, Toxic Hot Seat. In 2014, PSR-LA will continue to build a strong multi-ethnic coalition of advocates working to protect health from lead, pesticides, toxic chemicals and to push for stronger chemical security measures at local facilities.

San OnofreNuclear Threats – PSR-LA joined allies in asking the EPA to withdraw its proposed weakened radiation guidelines, and in weighing in against the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Waste Confidence Rule. We celebrated the closure of the damaged San Onofre nuclear power plant as an important step in protecting Southern Californians from deadly radioactive releases. PSR-LA will continue to push for safe, clean, renewable energy and to advocate for reduced nuclear weapons spending and the movement for zero nuclear weapons. In addition, PSR-LA will join in the global call for increased international oversight of the crippled Fukushima Diiachi nuclear power plant in Japan and measures to ensure food safety.

Area-IV-of-Santa-Susana-Field-LaboratoryThe Santa Susana Field Laboratory in the hills above the San Fernando and Simi Valley is the site of a partial nuclear meltdown and remains highly contaminated with radiological and chemical pollutants.[/caption]Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL) – PSR-LA continued our decades long efforts to ensure the proper cleanup of SSFL, a former nuclear and rocket testing site on the LA/Ventura County border that is contaminated with radiological and chemical pollutants. As a result of lawsuit filed by PSR-LA and other allies, a preliminary injunction will now block the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) from approving any more shipments of radioactive debris from tear-down of Boeing nuclear structures at SSFL to unlicensed disposal sites. The injunction remains in place pending final outcome in the case. In 2014, we will continue to work with local community members and allies to demand that DTSC and the responsible parties cleanup all contamination at the site.

air-pollution-los-angeles1-200x300Air Pollution – This year, because of litigation, the EPA was forced to announce that it will install air pollution monitors near freeways in Los Angeles to quantify traffic-related air pollution in nearby communities starting in 2015. Monitors are great, but action is better! We know the harms from traffic-related exposure are serious and urgent. Even before the EPA was ordered to place those monitors, PSR-LA had filed litigation to ensure those monitors are placed immediately in Los Angeles and that steps are taken immediately to develop a plan to reduce that air pollution. In addition, we have joined with the Stop Fooling California campaign to target oil companies trying to avoid California’s clean air standards. Now we must continue to push EPA and the local air agency in every possible venue—in the courts, the media, at agencies, in legislative offices–for health protective air standards that are met, not just promised.

la-streets-bldgsHealthy Land Use – PSR-LA continues to work to make sure that land use, housing, and transportation policies are grounded in tangible public health outcomes and integrate equitable development principles such as affordability and anti-displacement of vulnerable communities. In 2013, PSR-LA authored a policy brief and a supplemental OpEd on the health and social justice impacts of proposed changes to the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”). At the state level, we engaged in the implementation of SB 375, the Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act that aims to reduce statewide greenhouse gas emission through innovative transportation and land use policy. Locally, PSR-LA continues to actively promote community driven advocacy for the South and Southeast Los Angeles community plans. Next year, we will continue engaging with our elected officials and community partners to ensure healthy and resilient communities.

AB32Climate Change – PSR-LA continues to engage in education, organizing and advocacy efforts around California’s AB 32-Global Warming Solutions Act, working specifically to reduce short lived climate pollutants such as black soot and methane, which disproportionately impact low-income communities of color. We will increase this work in 2014 with the launch of a “Clearing the Air, Cooling the Planet” campaign to promote health based climate policy.

PSR-LA is incredibly proud of our accomplishments and deeply grateful for our allies and supporters who helped make them possible. We’ve reached some remarkable milestones in 2013. But we’ve got so much more to do, and we can’t do it without your help. Please give today.