Our Staff

Martha Dina Arguello19_10_23_11thhourconnect_22987 (2)

Martha Dina Argüello

Executive Director

Denise Duffield

Associate Director

Eric Romann

Director of Strategy & Campaigns
Rose C. Apel

Rose Sourn

Director of Finance & Administration
Alex Staff Page

Alex Jasset

Nuclear Threats & Energy Justice Program Manager

Jazmine Johnson

Land Use & Health Program Manager
Maro Staff Page

Maro Kakoussian

Climate Justice Organizing Manager

Michael Rincon

Research & Policy Manager
Paula Staff Page

Paula Torrado

Manager of Health & Environment Programs
Maki Staff Page

Maki Tohmon

Director of Development
Edgar Staff Page

Edgar Barraza

Energy Equity Policy Coordinator
Mithzy Staff Page

Mithzy Hernandez

Communications Manager
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Sheena Cabal

Land Use and Health Program Associate
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Ivana Castellanos

Toxics & Plastics Campaigner

Our Board of Directors

Physicians for Social Responsibility

Jimmy Hara, MD


L. Stephen Coles, MD

In Memoriam

Sol Londe, MD

EmeritusIn memoriam

Shirley Magidson, MD

Emerita | In memoriam

Richard Saxon, MD

Emeritus | In memoriam