Our Mission and Values


PSR-LA advocates for policies and practices that improve public health, eliminate nuclear and environmental threats, and address health disparities.


At PSR-LA we recognize that the physical and social environment often determines health status – we are committed to addressing that reality. Our work is grounded in science, and the lived experiences of health professionals and their patients. We are guided by the precautionary ideal to forsee and forestall damage to human health and the environment. Within our work we focus on health, the environment, social justice, and public policy.

The Things We Do:

  • Provide support to physicians and health professionals who want to connect their experience and education to environmental policy objectives
  • Provide technical assistance, training, and capacity-building support to our members and allies
  • Work in broad-based coalitions that reflect the diverse experiences of communities, build clear solutions for complex problems, and drive a health-centered policy approach to environmental decision making
  • Disseminate credible science-based information on the links between health, the environment, and policy choices
  • Employ a wide range of tools to impact public policy outcomes including policy development, legislative education, media advocacy, litigation

Our Current Program Areas:

Our Legacy Programs:

  • Regional Conflicts
  • Gun Violence