Dr. Bill Perkins Letter to NY Times, New Think and Old Weapons

Take a look at the letter from PSR-LA Peace and Security Ambassador, Dr. Bill Perkins, to the NY Times, published on March 6th. In response to “New Think and Old Weapons,” Dr. Perkins calls upon lessons from three decades of PSR leadership to discuss the opportunities presented if a limited purpose of deterrence is adhered to in the nuclear posture review.

Making Use of Pesticide Data to Prevent Poisonings

The thousands of workers who apply pesticides to California’s crops are subject to a medical testing program that’s meant to prevent pesticide poisoning in workers. As the program currently stands, it fails to work, and PSR-LA is supporting legislation to fix it: AB 1963 (Nava), Tracking Pesticide Poisoning in California.

Meet the Bad Actor Chemicals from The Toxies

Meet the Bad Actor Chemicals from The Toxies

Just in time for the Oscars, the environmental group Californians for a Healthy and Green Economy, led by PSR-LA held its own red-carpet event on Wednesday March 3 at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. This tongue-in-cheek awards ceremony for “Bad Actor Chemicals” makes the case for their immediate retirement through the Green Chemistry Initiative.