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Featured Actions

CA Deserves Toxic-Free Furniture and Baby Products

Action starts: February 1, 2011
Action ends: Ongoing

We need your voice on a PSR-LA-sponsored measure that would be an important step in reducing toxic and untested flame retardants in California furniture and baby products. Take action to Support SB 147 – The Consumer Choice Fire Safety Act.

A unique coalition of health advocates, scientists, businesses and manufacturers, environmentalists, fire fighters and fire safety experts have come together in support of Senator Leno’s  SB 147. This bill would change an outdated and ineffective regulation, called TB 117, which has become a de facto requirement for adding toxic and untested flame retardant chemicals to furniture and baby products. Many of these chemicals have been linked to cancer, lowered IQ, reproductive problems, thyroid effects, and endocrine disruption.

California Needs Clean Cars for Cleaner Air!

Action starts: August 20, 2010
Action ends: Ongoing

Nothing is more important than freeing ourselves from oil—for public health, economic, environmental, and national security reasons. California relies on petroleum fuels for 97% of our transportation fuel, which holds us hostage to volatile oil prices. In fact, spikes in oil prices have preceded the last four recessions. Meanwhile, Californians spend $82 million every day on gasoline and diesel fuel, and with worldwide demand for oil steadily increasing, the price has nowhere to go but up.

If we don’t raise vehicle standards, we will continue to be addicted to oil.  The solution is to get smarter about how much oil we use.

Get California’s BPA Bill to the Governor Now

Action starts: August 20, 2010
Action ends: August, 30 2010

Call your Senator today and make sure SB 797 reaches the Governor’s desk! This week, the California legislature plans to wrap up its legislative session and make many decisions about the services, priorities, and the budget of our state. Amongst the very tough decisions, sending a bill to protect infants and toddlers from exposure to a toxic chemical — a measure already passed by both the houses but pending one procedural vote in the Senate — should NOT be considered a tough decision. SB 797(Pavley) would prohibit the synthetic estrogen, bisphenol-A (BPA) in baby bottles, sippy cups, food and formula containers meant for children 3 and younger.

What is BPA? Bisphenol-A (BPA) was discovered to be a synthetic estrogen in the 1930s. Today it’s widely used as a core ingredient in polycarbonate plastics, and epoxy resins, including those commonly found in baby bottles and used to line food cans. Research by the Centers for Disease Control has found that 93% of Americans tested have BPA in their bodies, and that children have higher levels than adults.

The Farmworker Health Act Needs Your Call Today!

Action starts: August 17, 2010
Action ends: August, 30 2010

Your call is needed to help pass a simple, health protective bill for farmworkers. PSR-LA is a co-sponsor of AB 1963 (Nava), The Farmworker Health Act, which would provide a much needed fix to the 1974 Cholinesterase Medical Supervision Program. The program is supposed to monitor and protect farmworkers from pesticide poisoning but does NOT currently work.

Cholinesterase is a nerve enzyme that when exposed to certain neurotoxin pesticides, such as organophosphate and carbamate, becomes depressed. This exposure can result in immediate harm to muscle coordination, decreased male fertility, spontaneous abortion, nerve damage and cancer.

Support a Stronger Safer Chemicals Act

Action starts: June 14, 2010
Action ends: June, 18 2010

Right now, you can take a simple action to help protect every American from toxic chemicals. A bill that’s now taking shape in Congress will affect the way that businesses for years to come are allowed to expose us all to toxic chemicals that can cause cancer and other health threats. It’s called the Safe Chemicals Act of 2010, and it’s a game changer. The reforms could give families a real chance to place strong, commonsense restrictions on the use of dangerous chemicals that affect everyone’s health.

Too good to be true? Only a little: the current draft of the Safe Chemicals Act isn’t strong enough to protect our health.  But it’s not too late to fix the bill and ensure it works for us, not for chemical company profits. Your Congress member needs to hear that you expect him/her to support a strong, meaningful Safe Chemicals Act.

Please take action now, and spread the word.

Last Chance to Call the Governor  — Say NO to Methyl Iodide

Action starts: June 15, 2010
Action ends: June 30, 2010

Six months ago, state authorities could’ve said no to the highly carcinogenic pesticide methyl iodide, but now, we’re at very serious risk of allowing this toxic pesticide to be used in California.

Methyl iodide is so dangerous that it is used to create cancer in laboratories and over 50 scientists across the country – 5 of them Nobel Laureates – sent a letter to the EPA expressing astonishment that the agency was “working to legalize broadcast releases of one of the more toxic chemicals used in manufacturing into the environment.”

Exposure to methyl iodide is linked to severe health concerns, including miscarriages and cancer. Scientists are concerned that it will contaminate groundwater. State agencies estimate that workers could be exposed to 3000 times the “acceptable” dose. Methyl Iodide would be one of the most toxic pesticides in use in California, would seriously threaten the health of farmworkers and rural communities, and could contaminate California’s groundwater.

Speak Out on Nuclear Weapons

Action starts: February 8, 2010
Action ends: February 28, 2010

In the next two weeks, President Obama will decide the administration’s direction and priorities on nuclear weapons issues, and perhaps the fate of the world, when he finalizes the Nuclear Posture Review (NPR). You can help him make the right decisions by writing a letter to the editor or submitting an op-ed to your local paper to explain how the NPR will set the direction for U.S. nuclear weapons policy for the next 5-10 years, and that the administration must seize this opportunity to take a global leadership role and make the United States and the world much safer.

Sign the Apollo Alliance petitionJumpstart Good Green Jobs in LA

Action starts: December 15, 2009
Action ends: December 24, 2009

Green union jobs can help rebuild our communities, and the time is now! PSR-LA’s key role as a member of the LA Apollo Alliance has ensured that policies for a healthier, greener California and Los Angeles are at the forefront in our local and state-wide policy work. In April 2009 the Los Angeles Apollo Alliance, a coalition of over 24 community, labor and environmental groups, organized to win a landmark Green Building Retrofit Ordinance to:

  • make existing city owned buildings more energy and water efficient and invest in ALL communities
  • create good union green jobs
  • create a pathway out of poverty for disadvantaged workers and community members

With Your support, our City leaders can step out to highlight the innovative work of community members, organized labor and the environmental community and implement our vision in 2010!Help us ensure the promise of the green economy reaches every community and that our neighbors, friends and family are put back to work.